Spirit of St. Louis

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Summer Plans

Ok, so MCATs in April. You know what that means? That means, this summer better be so d--n fun I forget all about the pain and suffering of the semester and the day of April 22nd. So, I'm planning the best summer of my life.
So the first two weeks after school is out (for those of you who don't know the Michigan schedule, that would be the first two weeks in May), we're going on a ROAD TRIP!! The ENTOURAGE is going to CALIFORNIA! That's right, we're driving across the country. We're gonna rough it by camping and staying with friends. It will be the best two weeks of our lives We'll see the Grand Canyon, go to Colorado, stay in Orange County, shop on Rodeo Drive (well, maybe not that one). It will be spectacular. Then, after a two week break at home, relearning Spanish, I'll be off to the Dominican Republic. How sweet is that? I'm getting college credit to go spend two months learning about the health problems in the Dominican Republic. Then, I'll be back at the end of July, just in time to celebrate my belated birthday! Spend a little time at home, and go on up to Ann Arbor to hear all about my friends' experiences abroad. Wow, do you know how exciting this is? I don't know if you do. I don't think I even do! Ok, that's it for now, I'm done with my daily article. It only took me seven hours, most of which I spent talking to Amber online and in person, and every other person I know online! Ok, time to go home and study for genetics tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's day

So as yet another Valentine's day comes around and I still don't have that particular someone special to share it with, I'm not to worried. Yes, I do want that. I do want to have someone, but more importantly, I have so many people already who care about me and who already know what an amazing person I am. I always thought this day was kind of silly - one day that you are required to show the person you love that you care. I don't want to have to make a day to know that. But it is nice to take time out of our busy lives to show the people we love that we care. I'm sure I don't tell those people enough how much I care about them. But you know what, I'm kind of glad I don't have one particular person I'm supposed to spend Valentine's Day with. If I did, I probably wouldn't have gotten half as many ecards. And I wouldn't be feeling so good about ALL the people in my life. So to all those people who I don't say it to enough. I really do love you and I'm so glad I'm lucky enough to have you in my life. Thank you for always being there for me.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My birthday weekend


Wed: Laura comes to Ann Arbor (hopefully, we'll be getting some of General News done)

Thurs: Heather comes to Ann Arbor

Fri: 12:00 am - party at Necto buy my first drink! (or maybe let someone buy it for me)

12:00 pm - get a free lunch at Seva

2:00 - free stucchies

Between lunch and drinking there will be an alcohol run. This will be massive as everyone I know seems to want to come. I'm thinking around 3:00 we'll meet at my house or the D.

4:00 - free stucchies

5:00 - HAPPY HOUR - I'm still trying to figure out what I need to make, I'm thinking a Red appletini.

7:00 - dinner at Goodtime Charlies where I can get a free drink and meal

9:00 - free beer sampler at Ann Arbor Brewery (both Good Time Charlie's and Ann Arbor Brewery are open to all of us)

11:00 - party at my house - yes it is a costume party, but I am personally not requiring costumes as I am probably going with a tiara and being the birthday girl/princess (This will be the BIGGEST party of the summer)

Sat: We'll see what's going on

Sun: Golfing with Mark and Kevin on the U course. Then some fun at the daily. It'll be time to play catchup on the general news section of the NSE which will be due on Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My favorite things in Ann Arbor

(photo courtesy of the BUS, actually all of them probably are)
Big House FOOTBALL (but that one's obvious)

Angell Hall at Night

okay more to come, but there's too many to count at the moment

Three weeks

So the last three weeks have been a little crazy. Between my lab job and getting NSE done, I also went home for a weekend, went to Akron for a family reunion on the fourth and went to DC to visit Matt and Laura and Emily. Tons of fun, but now I have to settle back into a routine. Home and Akron were fun. Got to see the family and relax, played some golf and got some sun. DC was absolutely amazing. Not only did I get to spend the entire weekend with three of my favorite people in the world, I got to see DC for the first time ever. Did you know there's a spot at the washington monument where you can see just about every monument in the area - the capitol, white house, jefferson, lincoln, WWII - yeah, all those in one spot. no, it was awesome, just what I needed to give me the energy to get through the next three weeks until my birthday, when all the people I love will be here with me (well not all, but a lot, those who aren't here have a good reason and will be missed.) I'm so excited for my birthday, it's gonna be so much fun.
Then it's only 2 more weeks until Chicago and Washington!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

so it's been awhile

So this week my lab supervisor is out of town, so I get to continue our experiment all on my own. So far the results look good, so hopefully, the success will continue. We also finished the arts section for NSE today. Next is University. Unfortunately, I don't know when we're actually gonna do it, since I'm going to be out of town the next two weekends (actually, the next three).
Honestly, I don't think I could live in a college town all my life, having new droves of people invading your town every year. The Michigan camps started today and there are just thousands of high schoolers around. Between them and the orientation kids, it really does feel like an invasion.
On another note, my new favorite thing, something I've done a lot of, but my interest was rejuvenated yesterday, is biking around new parts of Ann Arbor. I went biking yesterday. Explored some neighborhoods south of campus. I saw little kids selling lemonade. I wanted to buy some, but I had taken my cash out of my wallet at work earlier that day so I could go buy a coffee. Oh well, I'll just have to bike there again and hope to find more lemonade stands. This time I'll make sure I have some cash, I don't think lemonade stands take debit cards. oh well, okay enough for now, I don't have time for this. Gotta go take advantage of the little free time I have. Yay. In less than 48 hours I'm gonna be home for the weekend!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

First Week in the Lab

So I finally started my lab job this week. It's gonna be a really cool experience I hope. I'll be making money, and I'll get to see and learn some really cool things. Plus, I think it'll make genetics lab a breeze. I'm also going into a deadline weekend, but this one is the sports deadline so I don't think it'll be too bad. We know sports. HAHA.
Well, I was sick all last weekend and into this week, so this weekend has been pretty darn slow, which is kind of sad because it ends my streak of weekends with fun stories. Oh well, I guess find something amusing every weekend. So besides watching the softball team and the pistons and talking to people, this weekend has been pretty dead.
But, I must say, the lesson I learned this weekend is that, sometimes, not having a car is a pain in the butt. We want to go see a movie, no car, can't go. We want to meet Laura in Pittsburgh, no car can't go (well, we're working on that). Okay time for bed, I'm still coughing, and haven't caught up on sleep yet since I woke myself up coughing this morning (UGH) so hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NSE Deadline 1: Ann Arbor

So based on my calculations, I've spent 41 hours at the daily in the last three days (and that's not even including all the leg work I did last week)! I think it's also 51 hours in four days, but I think the first one is more emphatic. But, hopefully, it will all be worth it. The section looks pretty good. Not one of the pages has the same layout as another, and I like almost everything about them. I'm not especially happy with a couple layout issues, but they couldn't really be helped. So now it's off to bed after 3 a.m. for the third (make that 5th) night in a row. Luckily, my lab job hasn't started yet, but that's a-whole-nother story. Good thing these deadlines are only every other week. It's all over tomorrow for at least a week. I can rejoin the sane community, maybe.